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We are proud to offer the most complete, professionally prepared divorce packages available. We are even more pleased to offer our services at the lowest cost, most affordable price, anywhere.

We have been preparing Texas divorce packages for 12 years. Our papers have NEVER been rejected by any court in Texas.

texas divorce rules

Texas Divorce Laws - These laws are provided as a courtesy. They are provided as a guide and are in no way meant or intended to replace legal advice.

Q. How long do you have to be a resident of Texas to file for a divorce?

A. You have to be a Texas Resident for 6 months, and, you must have lived within the County you plan to file in for at least 90 days.

Q. What if one spouse does not want the divorce?

A. Texas is a "No Fault Divorce State". "No Fault" means that one spouse DOES NOT have to "prove" the other spouse has done anything "wrong" in order to obtain a divorce. You CAN NOT be held in a marriage if the other spouse does not want to sign or refuses to participate in the divorce process.

Q. What Type of Property Distribution Does Texas Have?

A. Texas is a community property state.

Q. How long does it take to get divorced?

A. Texas has a minimum 60 day waiting period before a divorce can be finalized. The 60 days start running at the time the Divorce is filed with the court. The more agreements reached between you and your spouse as to the terms of the divorce, the sooner your divorce will be final.

Texas does not recognize Legal Separation, but you can file a separation agreement for child support or spousal support.

Be Sure To Review Our Testimonials Page To See What Our Clients Have Had To Say!

Start Now, With UNLIMITED Email Support, for ONLY $69.97

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Texas 2-Step Divorce

We now offer a 2-Step divorce for Texas. This is an easier process. Get the exact forms you need exactly when you need them, we will walk you through the entire process.

A divorce in Texas takes 61 days from the date of filing. You pay for only the first set of documents ($69.97) that you need to file with the court to start the divorce process. After 30 days you will pay for ($69.97) and receive the second half of the forms. This makes the entire process easier, less forms to try to figure out. We will send you only the forms you need to start with step by step instructions. We also provide all filing instructions online so you have them handy.

How it Works

The process is very simple. Once you place your order we will prepare the first set of documents you need to start your divorce. We will send only the first documents you need to make it easier. No trying to figure out which forms to file first, you will receive only the documents you need to file along with complete step by step instructions.

After your divorce papers have been filed with the court, you will pay for the second and final set of papers needed to complete your divorce. We will prepare and send you the final documents needed to take to court to get signed by the judge. What's more is we will send you a complete testimony sheet that you can read to the judge to get your divorce final.

Once your final decree has been signed by the judge, your divorce is final. It's so easy and we have made it even easier.

Start your divorce now for the affordable price of only $69.97. If you are low income we will prepare a Pauper's form so you can get your court fees waived.

Our forms will be delivered to you within 72 hours* via e-mail. Once you have approved them, we can have them printed and ready for Pick Up - often the same day as your approval. In many cases Notary Service is also available for you at our Pick Up locations saving you even more time.

We will only send you the forms you need for each step of your divorce. This what makes it so much simpler for you.

You will be given complete instructions on how to get your final papers prepared. It's so easy and affordable.

There are many preparation services available online. We were the very first to offer the online divorce. We offer a full guarantee that our papers will be accepted by the court.

Additionally, we provide full support through the entire process to make it even easier.

We offer full service packages, not fill in the blank forms. You will receive completely prepared documents ready to sign and file with the court. You will also receive complete support and online filing instructions all for one low price.

Be Sure To Review Our Testimonials Page To See What Our Clients Have Had To Say!

Start Now, With UNLIMITED Email Support, for ONLY $69.97

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Get it Done Right

Why waste valuable time trying to sort out hard to understand forms and directions? We take all of the guesswork out of the divorce process.

We will give you the entire set of documents that you need. We will not give you a bunch of difficult forms. We will send the documents in the correct order, ready to sign and file, along with step by step instructions.

We make the entire process very simple. We give you the completed forms for your case, step by step instructions, and even a testimony sheet. What could be easier?

Type of Divorces

We prepare all types of divorces, including missing spouse, default, and uncontested. We will prepare the exact documents for your type of divorce. We do not charge extra according to the type of divorce and we do not charge extra if you have children and or property. Our fee is straightforward and we will never charge you more.

Why spend thousands of dollars to get your divorce? We will save you time and money. We guarantee that we will deliver your ready to sign and file divorce papers to you within *72 hours via e-mail for your approval. Order your divorce papers today and have them ready for Pick Up often the same day as your approval.

We use only court approved Texas divorce forms so you are assured that your forms will be accepted by the court. No place else on the web will you find a more affordable attorney alternative. We take great pride in giving you choices when it comes to getting your divorce papers prepared. We do not use generic forms, all of our divorce forms are court approved for the State of Texas.

We will provide you with professionally prepared papers, ready to file at an affordable price. We understand how hard it is to get ahead sometimes, especially when going through an emotionally trying time such as a divorce.

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Here is what our clients have said . . .

"My divorce was completed today. I will always be happy to recommend your service. You made it so easy to obtain my divorce. How very helpful you are. Thank you so much."
Donna Garrettson
Kerr County, Tx.

"The service I have received has been outstanding, and I will recommend your service to anyone I talk to who may need it.  Thank you for your assistance."
Jim Bell
Tarrant County, Tx.

"I am sooooooooooooo happy!  My marriage is over. The judge accepted the Annulment! It was enough grounds.  Thank you so much for your help! "
Anja King
Harris County, Tx.

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*Order Now and Have The First Set of Prepared Texas Divorce Papers Ready to Pick Up, Sign, and File Within 72 Hours, excluding weekends and holidays.Have Questions?   We are Here to Help. Please remember that we do not offer any legal advice and cannot explain the laws to you in any way.
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